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Develop of a portable satellite all-in-one solution ref: 003T2019SI


We want to develop a portable solution that can be easily manipulated to rapidly deploy a satellite communication solution. The goal is to build an all-in-one solution from existing functional bricks (software and hardware) for our satellite communications demonstration and promotion activities.

You will:

Understand the different technical solutions available for:
- network configuration and interconnection
- the implementation of a VSAT
- systems integration (physical server, virtual machines)
- Integration of applications for video, VoIP, Web browsing / Web server, Network metrology, …

Design a web interface for on the fly configuration according to the deployment context.

Desired profile

You are on your last semester on a 5-year engineering degree or Master degree in Telecommunications or Network Engineering and looking for an internship for your final year project. You want to work on satellite communications and you want to put into practice techniques of network configuration, implementation of SatCom links, approach the concepts of WAN satellite networks and also test, experiment and search for solutions and design new user friendly systems.

You are autonomous, ready to take initiative and propose new ideas and exchange them with the rest of the team.

Structure description

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