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Yuri Gagarin exhibition at the Palais de la Découverte

18 March 2011

SPOT: 25 years in service, 25 million images

1st april 2011

CNES works to enhance GPS positioning

14 April 2011

More precise positioning data

CFOSAT to gain new insights into sea state

Fukushima - Forecasting radiation dispersal at sea

29 April 2011

3D modelling and in-situ measurements

GOCE redraws the map of Earth’s geoid

Soyuz launch pad handed over to Arianespace

9 May 2011

Very-high-speed satellite broadband on the market in 5 years

13 May 2011

Argos marks 25 years serving the environment

A French instrument on Mars in 2012

25 May 2011

SAM-GC - An engineering challenge for the French team