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CNES at the 2011 Paris Air Show

9 June 2011

Innovation as communication

DIABSAT: one-year progress report

21 July 2011

Screening in the local community

MSL: Gale Crater chosen for Mars exploration in 2012

26 July 2011

Mars habitability

Tracking volcanic ash in real time

1 August 2011

Detecting the presence of volcanic ash…

Tele-epidemiology: satellites see mosquitoes coming

5 August 2011

Mosquitoes, satellites and men

Space debris: CNES working to clean up space

CNES on the trail of l'Oiseau Blanc

13 September 2011

A missed chance to make aviation history

CNES 50th anniversary celebrations in Paris

22 September 2011

State of the art of space in France

First two Galileo satellites set for launch on October 20

4 October 2011

A 30-satellite constellation

Soyuz completes first flight from French Guiana

21 octobre 2011

23,222-km orbit