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Rosetta set to wake up on 20 January 2014

13 December 2013

François Hollande visits the Guiana Space Centre

16 December 2013

Space base flyover

Jean-Yves Le Gall: CNES in 2014 - “A chance for Europe”

6 January 2014

Rosetta wakes up from deep space hibernation

20 january 2014

Soyuz orbits Sentinel-1A on 7th successful launch from French Guiana

3 April 2014

Radar imagery of Earth

Ariane 5 launch on 6 February 2014 with Athena-Fidus on board

The launcher lifted off at 18h30 (Kourou), 22h30 (Paris) after difficult meteorological conditions.

Rosetta mission: Philae lander 'wakes up' as planned

28 march 2014

300 scientists across Europe

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet to fly to ISS in 2016

18 March 2014

Long-duration space mission

A comet in two parts

17 June 2014

14 July 2014

Another launch success for Ariane 5: ATV Georges Lemaître on its way to ISS